ARH Clinical Pearls

ARH Clinical Pearls are released monthly. Each one reviews a specific reproductive health topic and offers related, relevant resources.

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September 2023: How long do implants and IUDs work?

August 2023: Back-To-School Edition: The Impact of Sex Ed

June 2023: Do teens know about Emergency Contraception?

May 2023: What are puberty blockers and how do they work?

April 2023:  How should we manage pediatric vulvovaginitis?

March 2023: Hormonal Treatment for Acne

Feb 2023: STI Treatment in Teens NEW in this issue! Interactive Knowledge Activity

Dec 2022: What is the best way to manage unintentional vulvovaginal trauma?

Nov 2022: What are Non-Sexual Genital Ulcers?

Sept 2022: Does hormonal birth control cause weight gain?

Aug 2022: “Free the Pill” and OTC Contraception

July 2022: What seizure medications affect how well birth control works? 

June 2022: Starting Contraceptive Methods after Emergency Contraception

May 2022: What is PrEP and who can take it?

April 2022: Options to manage periods with PCOS 

March 2022: Person-Centered Contraceptive Counseling

Feb 2022: Where can our teens receive private and free sexual health services?

Jan 2022: The Mirena/Liletta IUD for emergency contraception 

Dec 2021: Two Great Gifts for Adolescent Providers 

Nov 2021: Premenstrual Syndrome

Oct 2021: What is Quick Start?

Sept 2021: Bleeding on birth control pills

Aug 2021: Dysmenorrhea 

July 2021: Diagnosis of PCOS in teens 

June 2021: What is a heavy menstrual period?

May 2021: Unscheduled bleeding on extended pills